Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center
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Services Offered

GBSC was set up to facilitate Big Data Genomics at Stanford. The following services are offered via GBSC to Stanford researchers:

  • State-of-the-art computational infrastructure with 1000+ cores and 2.5+ Petabytes of high performance storage
    • Architecture specifically suited to genomics data analysis
    • Many public and commercially licensed software applications preinstalled
    • Hardware-accelerated data analysis solutions and cloud integration available
    • Complies with dbGAP (NIH) rules for data security
Utility to Stanford researchers
  • Best-in-class facility available to all Stanford University researchers
  • Highly competitive pay-as-you-go cost model to accommodate both small and large labs
  • A genomics community that allows otherwise siloed researchers to ramp up faster and increase contribution to this fast-evolving field of research
    • 300+ researchers
    • Many departments represented: Genetics, Biology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Computer Science, Pathology, Pediatrics, and Statistics

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